Being open towards people, showing them love, accepting everyone as they are, are some of the things we value the most. Our aim is not to make people fit into what we see as the right way of living, but to inspire people to discover themselves. To make them remember what they are made of, what they came from, so they can realize who they are.

This is what Alex, a young Swiss guy came to us to discover. For four months he  was living with us at our place. worked outside, helped us with different tasks we needed done, we cooked together, played games, laughed, got emotional, had reactions, embraced life, and basically we just shared our everyday life with everything that it is.

It was an enriching experience for all. Different than we expected, but giving in ways we will continue to realize.

Here is what Alex wrote about staying at our place:

The greatest experience of my life is touching its end. Four months ago I left my city in Switzerland in which I used to live for 7 years, to learn self-discovery with a surprising family in Denmark. At that moment I was afraid and very insecure. I didn’t know what and how my life was going to be there, if they would like me and, proudly spoken, if I would find the solution to eradicate my suffering and all my doubts concerning my identity.

I first met the Bremer Dahl family one year earlier. A friend and I went to one of their seminar and I was shocked. They showed me an openness and carefulness towards people, a kind of humanity, that I had never experienced before. It made me feel so much love and I knew I had to spend more time with them. So I asked if I could come live at their place, work for them and learn from their everyday life.

Fortunately they said yes.

One year later I was welcomed with open arms at their home in Katrinedal, a small, silent place in the forest surrounded by trees, lakes and overall beautiful nature. An environment that makes you feel relaxed and at peace. Each morning I would wake, see the nature around me and that simple thing would make me feel embraced and cared for. For that I am very grateful.

And it was not only the nature that made me feel cared for. The family as well are very aware and thoughtful. They care a lot about how people feel and help them to understand what is really happening inside. At their place, each time I felt bad I could freely express what I’m living to someone who is able to listen carefully. Furthermore, they ask good questions, so people become able to observe themselves and take responsibility for what they are experiencing. They don’t judge when someone expressed their feeling or their desire because, as they often say, freedom is absolute. I learned a lot about myself and my life being surrounded by those wise people. I learned and practised a lot of introspective tools, on how to pay attention inside, and how to be aware of my true nature. I also witnessed the family’s virtuous state of being which inspired me a lot. 

In summary, in Katrinedal, all the conditions are favourable for a gentle and efficient period of personal growth, inspiration and relaxation. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn self-discovery while enjoying the beauty of mother earth.

I thank you from the deepest of my heart, Ole, Lotte, Peter, Mille, Signe, and Vincent.

Be Blessed

Prema Bal